Match Your Body Style by Accessorizing Your Handbag Purse

If you select the right handbag purses you can have the perfect accessory to your outfit. A handbag can compliment and enhance your outfit by adding a touch of color or elegance. There are a few things you should know when selecting your handbag purses, though.

The color and size of your Handbag Purse matters:

Most women coordinate their accessories with the color of their outfit very well, but this is not the way to highlight your best physical qualities so that you can look even better. You can also use your accessories to take attention away from physical features you don’t like so much.

If you are a tall woman you are lucky because you will look good in just about every handbag purse on the market. You should, however, avoid smaller handbags because these will make you look larger. Also, handbag purses with large patterns and brighter colors tend to compliment a taller woman’s size.

Smaller or petite women should choose smaller handbag purses because the larger ones will make you look smaller and that is probably the last thing you want. Even if you choose a medium handbag purse you can draw attention away from yourself with it. If you are smaller you can make yourself look a little taller by choosing a handbag purse that hangs lower than your waist.

If you are a woman that is well endowed in the chest area, then you might want to draw attention away from this area of your body. This can be done with brighter colors, a wider handbag purse, and a long strap. You want to wear the bag across your body at a diagonal so that onlookers will notice it hanging off your hip before they notice the twins up top.

If you have smaller breasts and you would like to make them look a little larger, then you can do this with your handbag purse as well. Go for a smaller handbag purse that is not very bright and has a thin strap. You want this bag to hang a little below your hip so that you appear a bit taller and run the strap diagonally in between your breasts. This will make your chest look slightly larger and draw attention to that area of your body.

Regardless of your size or the event you need a handbag purse for you can find one that will compliment your outfit perfectly.