The Perfect Handbag – A Guide to Choosing Your Own

The handbag is an essential item for most women, helping carry around the day and night’s necessitates. Yet despite its importance in functionality, the handbag is also one of the most essential – and stylistically telling – pieces in fashion. Thus, it’s important to consider various features when choosing a handbag, to ensure you get the most out of both its functionality and style.

Many women own at least one or two “staple” handbags, which they use everyday and pair with most outfits. What’s more, most of these handbags end up being neutral in colour – for example, browns, nudes, or plain black. However, choosing a handbag to mesh with most “looks” doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Opt for a unique style, while sticking with a neutral colour, and you’ll still be able to spice up any outfit. Alternatively, kick it up a notch by choosing a handbag with metallic or subtle print detailing.

However, no one ever said your “staple” handbag can’t be colourful. If you’re not afraid to stand out, opt for bright hues like red, yellow, or green. And don’t always worry about your handbag matching with every outfit. A lot of bright coloured handbags – especially those that are solid coloured – will compliment many different outfits. Just remember not to let your handbag-outfit combination get too busy with prints and bright colours.

When it comes to specific “looks”, certain styles of handbags are definitely more appropriate. For instance, if you normally dress up for the office, odds are you’ll want a handbag to match. Opt for a structured bag with two top handles for a chic, ladylike look. On the other hand, if you’re trying to achieve a more casual look, pick up a messenger bag (which you can find in everything from canvas to leather). Worn across the body, these bags leave your arms free; but they’re certainly more stylish than backpacks. Looking for something hip? Sling a slouchy “hobo” style bag over your shoulder. And if your style is a bit edgier, pick up a clutch bag adorned with metal hardware or studs.

Size is another important feature when it comes to choosing a handbag. Ever see anyone walking around with an overstuffed purse? It’s not a pretty sight – and it’s one purse pitfall that should be avoided at all costs. Sure, we all have days when we carry around more than usual. But if you typically tote a ton around, you’re better off sizing up on your handbag.

That being said, however, you should also consider your own size when choosing a handbag. If you’re petite, don’t carry around a massive bag that overpowers your frame. Instead, opt for something relative to your size. If you tend to carry around a lot in your purse, size up (at most) to a medium bag. On the other hand, if you’re tall or broad, a tiny bag will seem too small. Try one that’s on the larger side for a look that’s better suited to your frame.

Last but not least, learn to let go when it’s time for a new handbag. Many women tend to get attached to their handbags – which is not surprising, considering it accompanies them everywhere. But when holes, worn leather, tears, or frayed stitching start to show, it’s time to move on to a new bag. Keeping these few tips in mind when shopping for handbags will ensure you get one that suits not only your functional needs, but also your unique style.

Start Your Own Wholesale Handbags Business

The Wholesale Handbags business is growing by leaps and bounds and today women have to have more than one handbag which makes starting a Wholesale Handbags business a very popular business to pursue.

Before making your choice of handbags to sell in your Wholesale Handbags business you will need to do some research to see which handbags you are actually going to be able to purchase at a wholesale price. Some name brands such as Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Gucci, and Coach will only sign a contract with certain department stores or major retailers so there is no way for you as a little person to get your hands on the actual name brand handbags without a contract. By doing your research over the internet you will have access to the manufactures that produce the handbags so you can contact them directly.

It is very difficult to predict which handbags are going to sell well in the beginning so you will want to try a few different brands to see which ones do best. Try to limit yourself to start out with only two or three styles of bags/purses and see how they sell and as you gain popularity in your business you can add or subtract a handbag depending on how it is selling. The main reason for starting out with just two or three handbags is due to the financial set back that you are going to experience in the beginning and you want to limit that money output at that time as much as you can.

After you have decided which handbags you will be selling you have a very big decision to make in where you are intending to sell these handbags/purses at. You may choose to take them to your local stores and have them purchase their stock directly to you, this is a good way to start out if you can find a couple of stores that would be interested in carrying your variety of bags.

You may also decide to make a catalog of your various bags and start your own home shopping programs, or turn to the internet with an e-commerce store to provide your Wholesale Handbags online. This can be a great money making opportunity that allows you to share your love of handbags.

Accessorizing Your Handbag Purse to Match Your Body Type

Handbag purses make great accessories. If selected well, a handbag purse can complement or enhance your outfit and overall appearance. Here are a few pointers to help you put your handbag purses to good fashion use.

Handbag Purses: Size and Brightness Do Matter

Women generally just try to coordinate their accessories with the color or character of their clothing, and are unaware that they can use them to highlight physical assets they are proud of, or deemphasize less flattering attributes. You’ll be surprised how you can manage a few clever tricks yourself through the judicious selection of the size and color of your handbag purse.

Tall women look good in all makes of handbags, but should avoid smallish handbag purses as these make them look larger in an unflattering manner. Handbag purses with big patterns and bright colors, rather than plain designs, complement their size.

Petite women should stick to small handbag purses, as large ones will make them appear tinier — and possibly, insignificant-looking! Even a medium-sized handbag purse can grab the attention of the onlooker away from the person carrying it, especially if she happens to be smallish. Diminutive women can create an illusion of extra elevation if they keep their handbag purses low, no higher than the thigh.

Handbag Purses to Highlight or Hide a Physical Attribute

If you have oversized breasts, you may want to draw attention away from, rather than to, them. You can do this by hanging a bright-colored, wide handbag purse with a long strap from your shoulder. Sling the handbag purse in such a way that the strap runs diagonally across your upper body and the bag rests somewhere around the hips. That way onlookers will notice your handbag purse, not your bumpers!

Large women should take care not to wear small handbag purses on thin straps to avoid looking even more massive. They should instead strap on a medium-sized handbag purse that rests somewhere around waist height. The straps they choose should be broad enough to appear proportional to their heavy build.

There’s a handbag purse for every body type, just as there are handbags for every occasion!