Beautiful Handbags Makes Wonderful Gifts

When it comes to gifts for women, the first few things that comes in your mind are jewelry pieces, cosmetics, perfumes… and HANDBAGS. Purses are also known as women’s best friend. Have you known a woman who doesn’t carry a handbag? I bet you don’t because such accessory completes any woman’s outfit. Therefore, if you are looking for something that can make an ideal gift for the woman of your life, a beautiful choice of handbag is enough to make her feel special.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are some occasions where you can present handbags as gifts. Brides may opt to give matching purses to their bridesmaids to complete their bridesmaids’ outfits. During her birthday or your anniversary as husband and wife, a wonderful piece of handbag makes a lasting memorabilia of the celebration. Gift-giving during holidays may include handbags since present on your list are your mom, sisters, girl friend or wife and colleagues.

There are so many choices of handbags available today. They come in different brands, styles, designs, shapes, sizes, materials and prices. One of the most popular purses that makes perfect gifts are designer handbags. Designer purses are known for their exquisite looks, not to mention they made by top designers of the world. They are also made with high quality materials and craftsmanship that’s why they often sold at expensive prices. So, if you think the price is not a big deal for you, a designer handbag can make a dream-come true gift for any woman.

If you want to present a handbag but uncertain about your budget, no worries as you can always find customized handbags that are often come in reasonable prices. Another great thing about customized handbags is you can actually add your own touch on the bag, making it personalized. Most people today opt to give personalized handbags because personalizing these gifts shows thoughtfulness towards your recipient. You can may include your recipient’s name or monogram on the bag that you have chosen. What else a better way to make a special give aside from that?

You may consider a Personalized ECO-Friendly Tote Bag. Perfect for an eco-friendly wife or girlfriend, giving this very ideal tote leads her to an elegant way to go green. This Eco-friendly tote is a stylish purse that shows her environmental side! Crafted from sustainable grasses and wood fibers with hip, earthy accents, this personalized tote bag makes a phenomenal gift for bridesmaids, best friends, and all the planet- and fashion-conscious ladies on your list. This sophisticated, earth-friendly, personalized tote bag generously accommodates her day-to-day essentials with planet-savvy style.

Apart from fashion bags and personalized totes, other choices of bags that are very useful and practical are cosmetic bags. These bags also makes ideal gifts for women, especially for those who are always on the go. Perfect gifts for bridesmaids for a destination wedding and gifts for career women who are always busy traveling from one place to another.

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Fendi 8br091 Handbags – Stylish and Popular!

Handbags are an accessory that have been about for many years. There are a wide selection of handbags/purses to pick from, each complimenting your special style. The dictionary definition of a purse or handbag is a medium to big bag, frequently fashionably designed, most often utilized by girls, and used to hold personal items like keys, hairbrush, cosmetics, tissues, coin purse, cell telephone, and so on.

A little background information…In the 16th century, common materials were used to make little bags. They were made from leather and fastened with a drawstring on top. Travelers would wear huge cloth bags diagonally across the body. In the 17th century, bags became more and more complicated. Stitched design became awfully popular on the purses because of the fact that girls were taught the talents of embroidery and needlework to help them in finding a husband. By the 18th century, girls were carrying purses to match their outfits. They named the bags “reticules”. Like today, most girls owned more than one handbag so they might have one for each occasion. The term “handbag” commenced in the early 1900’s. This term also referred to bags that men carried. This galvanized ladies to start carrying bags with locks, complex fasteners, and internal compartments. In the 1920’s, it became popular that bags no longer had to match your outfit.

With WWII in the 1940’s, purses were made out of wood or plastic, since most materials were strategic materials. Popular handbag designers became known in the 1950’s. The three most well liked being Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes. These three designers remain famous today with Gucci, Fendi, Christian Dior, Prada, Kate Spade, and Lockheart to name a couple.

One of the particular designer purses are the Fendi handbags. They are a selection of the most splendid handbags of today’s society. Women all around the planet are going crazy over all the designs and colors these bags have to give. One of the most well liked designer Fendi handbag is the Fendi 8br091. This kind of bag is thought to be a Fendi Hobo purse. This bag has Fendi’s signature Zucchino Jacquard fabric, a main compartment with an overlapping magnetic Fendi emblem buckle, and an internal pocket sporting the Fendi symbol on a metal plate.

The Fendi 8br091 hobo is at present one of the finest selling style purses of all times. Designer purses are a “must have” for many ladies. If you’re one of these women, don’t hesitate to take a look at the Fendi handbag 8br091. You will not go wrong with this gorgeous, lush bag.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Handbag Purse

To determine the authenticity of a Coach designer handbag you should follow the following guide lines to reduce your risk of getting ripped off.

1) Coach and other expensive designer handbags use buttery leather and counterfeits use stiff and thick leather. Also, all Coach products have at least 1 Coach Stamp on it but its location may varies; it might be on the lower end of one side or it might appears on the shoulder strap. When you find it, examine it to make sure the word “COACH” is outlined and “Leatherware” & “1941″ are below it.

2) An authentic Coach handbag will have a serial number that looks like this: NoM06J-127 without any spacing in between each letter. But having a serial number doesn’t mean it is real and if it does not have one then obviously it is a fake. Unlike other designer brands such as Chanel and LV, Coach does have outlet store that sells discounted models. Be careful that these handbags will have a small stamp on the corner that look like a hole punch but without puncturing the leather. This little circle is an indicator that the bag is authentic so check for it.

3) Coach bags have very small & tight stitches and they are NEVER UNEVEN.

4) The counterfeit Coach comes with weird looking fob, the metal fob will peal whereas the real one is stamped on the front & on the back is a tiny stamp horizontally across the edge. The leather fobs of a real Coach also have perfect stitching. A fake one will have sloppy stitches. Fake fobs also tend to be a bit bigger and thicker than a real one.

5) The authentic Coach hardware is stamped with the word ‘Coach’ with an outline, the word is boxed in. On the counterfeits there is either no stamped at all, or if it is stamped it is not boxed in. If it is boxed in, the word ‘Coach’ will appear taller than the authentic stamp. But again, the Coach emblem is always stamped on every piece of hardware, and buttons bear the ‘Coach*Est.1941′. If the bag or accessory has any ‘O-Rings’ they will be continuous circles, and they are made very well, you will not be able to tell where the break in the circle is because they are welded very well and they also do not spin. For key hook straps it will have the same color & the same size as the O-Ring. The fake bags O-Rings always spin & you can see the opening, not to mention it is usually plated to look like brass, where as the real bag is made of actual brass or heavy duty metal.

6) Authentic Coach handbag usually lined with cotton or satin fabric interior. If it is the silk “CC” signature fabric it is probably real. If the interior is made of solid cotton material, it should have a thick feel with horizontal line pattern. If satin material is stamped with “Coach”, as this style is rarely used for handbags unless it is a solid leather bag or coin pocket, the bag is probably a fake. This will be more obvious if the “Coach” is stamped diagonally over and over again. Another thing about the interior is that the fabric comes with a contrast color with the exterior color, unless it is a classic design (classic design comes with homogeneous color for its exterior and interior). Also, research your bag before you buy as each Coach design, style has a specific interior color depending on the exterior color & pattern.

7) Finally the zippers; the authentic Coach should have a zipper that says YKK and not RTK. If the zipper pull comes with a small strip of leather, it should be 1 to 2 stitches to anchor it in place. If the zipper pull is a chubby piece of leather that is sewn together, it is probably a replica.

Hope the general list above will assist you in making a wise purchase. If you experience a ripped off, you can contact or  My last recommendation for your next purchase is via credit card, as most credit cards come with the buyers’ protection plan that will help buyers to get a refund if the product is not as described. OK, Happy shopping.